Our systems operate using sophisticated control software.

Together, our software and services enables our customers to maximise the value of the system and their return on investment.

The full value of energy storage can only be realised if your system is managed to ensure maximum efficiency. We work with you to ensure our technology works in harmony with your site's operating characteristics.

Your site operator and our commissioning engineer work together to set site constraints and operating parameters.

Our software uses embedded algorithms to optimise the charging and discharging of the storage to meet on site constraints and maximise commercial value and operating efficiency.

Real time data monitoring and analysis by our in-house team enables the system parameters to be remotely adjusted to optimise value based on increasing knowledge and understanding of system conditions.

Our system also provides real time monitoring of operational systems thereby supporting maintenance services.

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A modern, reliable and flexible electricity system powers the economy and Britain's future success.

Greg Clark

- Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy