15 April 2019

Narec (National Renewable Energy Centre) collaborates with Connected Energy

The support given is to provide access of expert advice around E-STOR's grid compliance.

We have recently worked with Narec (National Renewable Energy Centre) on a G99 focused project.

Through the Catapult’s Grid Connection Support Series, Connected Energy was able to access expert advice around E-STOR’s grid compliance. The company worked with grid specialists NAREC Distributed Energy to achieve G99 compliance, incorporating system design adaptations at an early stage. These changes would have had recurring cost implications had they not been made early on, demonstrating the importance of early engagement. Connected Energy is in line to reduce installation cost and time. The company is currently embarking on an ambitious growth journey thanks to a £3m+ investment, building E-STOR’s presence in the UK and Europe.

Read more about the project by downloading the project case study here.

About us: Connected Energy’s British designed battery storage systems and energy optimisation expertise are rapidly changing the way industrial and commercial energy users can capitalise on load flexibility. Our mission is to catalyse smarter, sustainable approaches to energy use.