03 September 2020

Connected Energy's Matthew Lumsden featured in the Autumn edition of the Energy Storage Journal

"The biggest surprise so far has been the interest and enthusiasm for systems based on second-life batteries. There is a real fan club out there for them," said Connected Energy CEO Matthew Lumsden

The Autumn edition of the Energy Storage Journal looks at how Industrial & Commercial consumers are assessing the business case for storage. Connected Energy CEO Matthew Lumsden is featured in the article and talks about the fans of second-life batteries and how "the sustainable aspect of our systems, because we are effectively extending the working life of EV batteries, also appeals to the public sector."

Matthew also discusses the SmartHubs project including how the project is still looking for potential host sites across West Sussex. "We're aiming to demonstrate different applications, case studies and business cases, to show people how benefits of energy storage can be leveraged and taken advantage of," said Matthew.

Read the article, starting on page 20, here - https://issuu.com/rizzo48/docs/esj30issuu2