25 November 2019

COP25 invite for Newcastle-based Connected Energy – one of only 12 companies chosen

The second-life battery energy storage specialists will be exhibiting in the UK Pavilion during week two of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid next month.

“We focus on reusing electric vehicle battery packs and therefore maximising the value of already committed natural resources before they are later recycled,” explained Matthew Lumsden, CEO. “Our approach to extracting additional value from the finite resources embedded in electric vehicle batteries, and essentially doubling their working lives, is why we’ve been asked to present at the event.”

“If electric vehicle batteries were simply recycled after their first life use, value would be lost” said Matthew. “Once installed, our technology remotely operates and monitors the second-life batteries to maximise their utility. Once they are degraded beyond all usefulness in this application, they are remanufactured and recycled.”

Connected Energy developed its technology in collaboration with Renault, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan and Engie.

The conference will have a wide variety of visitors including government officials, climate activists and big business; it’s expected that around 25,000 people will visit over the course of its full two weeks.

Connected Energy will be minimising the carbon footprint of the trip by being the only UK company attending to send its two representatives to the event by train; a substantial 28 hours, 22-minute journey from start to finish.

Warren Hayes, Sales and Marketing Officer, and Frazer Wagg, Energy Storage Analyst, are taking on the journey to represent Connected Energy, and the UK, at the event. “I’m really looking forward to the conference--we’re going to be immersed in an environment which is proactively showcasing worldwide leadership on sustainability, it’s a fantastic opportunity,” said Warren.

“Working at Connected Energy we’re so focused on the circular economy on a day-to-day basis,” explained Frazer. “Being given the opportunity to talk about the work we do to such a powerful audience is a real honour.”

Follow Warren and Frazer’s journey to COP25 via the Connected Energy twitter account at https://twitter.com/connected_energ


Media Enquiries

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Gem Trainor – Marketing Communications Manager, Connected Energy
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About Connected Energy

Connected Energy is an engineering led innovator in energy storage. Its technologies, that utilise second-life electric vehicle batteries, are rapidly changing the way intensive energy users can access the benefits of low-cost, on-site solutions. The companies E-STOR system is modular and scalable, as well as straight forward to install and operate, for energy intensive clients to flexibly control and reduce their energy costs, and develop new revenue streams.

Connected Energy has deployed systems in the UK and Europe and has recently secured £5m investment from ENGIE New Ventures, Sumitomo Corporation, Macquarie Bank and Turquoise Capital.