02 August 2019

Connected Energy Reaches Final Stage of Prestigious Competition: Japan Energy Challenge

Japan Energy Challenge provides energy innovation programmes to support market entry into Japan. Connected Energy has been selected for the final round.

After a long scouting, selection, and due diligence process, the 2019 class of Japan Energy Challenge has been selected. We have been selected for this year’s cohort by identifying the most promising trends in the cleantech sector and matching them according to their strategic fit with the sponsors’ goals and Japanese market projections. More than 600 innovative companies active within these trends were evaluated during the selection process, until a pool of 20+ promising companies were identified. We will go to London from 5-8 August to compete for the opportunity to win projects, funding, and a trip to Japan.

Connected Energy CCO Mark Bailey was interviewed by Japan Energy Challenge ahead of the pitching session in London.

Hi Mark, can you tell us a bit about the company and its founders?

In 2010 Matthew Lumsden, Chief Executive Officer, founded Future Transport Systems (FTS) and Connected Energy with the aim of building a technology business to capitalise on growth in the Electric Vehicle (EV) sector. The vision behind the business stemmed from Matthew’s years of experience in the energy sector and the knowledge and experience of his Technical Director, Ian MacDonald, in the automotive and EV sector.

Connected Energy was established to commercialise the research and development work undertaken by our award-winning parent company FTS. Connected Energy has commercialised a unique technology (E-STOR) and an approach to energy storage which has the circular economy in its ‘DNA’. Connected Energy uses second life EV battery packs from a variety of OEM manufacturers including Renault and Jaguar Land Rover.

How does your solution fit within the wider trends of Digitalisation and Decarbonisation in the energy sector?

Our technology is a powerful example of circularity. Connected Energy is focussing on reuse and therefore maximising the value of already ‘extracted’ natural resources prior to recycling. Connected Energy has identified additional value that can be extracted from the finite resources embedded in EV batteries and is able to double their working lives. If the batteries were simply recycled after their first life use, this value would be lost. Once installed and active, our technology remotely operates and monitors the second life batteries to maximise their utility and once they are degraded beyond all usefulness in this application, they are recycled.

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About us: Connected Energy’s British designed battery storage systems and energy optimisation expertise are rapidly changing the way industrial and commercial energy users can capitalise on load flexibility. Our mission is to catalyse smarter, sustainable approaches to energy use.