Our turnkey approach is rapidly changing the way intensive energy users maximise the value of on-site storage

Each system we supply is controlled by our own, sophisticated management system - preconfigured to deliver on your load management requirements. Once installed, our energy optimisation team continue to work with you to fine-tune performance and deliver maximum added value.


  • ONE End to end expert support
  • Two Long-term, value add optimisation
  • Three Commercial, results driven approach
  • Four Plug & play simplicity


We work with organisations across a wide range of sectors. In fact, wherever there is a need for smarter approaches to energy use, we can help. Our optimised solutions for energy flexibility have the potential to change the way businesses of all shapes and sizes think about their energy.

Healthcare + Education

Water + waste


Retail + Commercial

Local authorities

Electricity utilities

Energy storage could result in savings of around £2.4 billion per year in 2030 for the UK electricity system.

House of Commons Briefing Paper

- Energy Storage in the UK - Published July 2016