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Circular Economy

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E-STOR is the commercial energy storage technology with ambition in its DNA.

Connected Energy makes breakthrough energy storage systems which use ‘second life’ electric vehicle batteries.

With an E-STOR system, you can confidently generate true sustainable revenue.

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Systems installed throughout the UK and Europe


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Dundee City Council

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Bryt Energy Wales

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Engie Netherlands

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Allego Belgium

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Maximise your potential for energy efficiency and financial savings.

E-STOR and it's software makes your system exceptionally versatile and resource efficient. Easily boost energy resilience.

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“By using the batteries in this way, we put less strain on the National Grid at peak times and save money by avoiding high energy tariffs. This technology is a great example of how we can reuse items as part of a wider circular economy."

Matt Pluke

- Energy Manager, Anglian Water