Energy Storage +
Circular Economy

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Using our E-STOR energy storage technology, we are accelerating new approaches to grid load management

Our British designed battery storage systems and energy optimisation expertise are rapidly changing the way industrial and commercial energy users can capitalise on load flexibility. Our mission is to catalyse smarter, sustainable approaches to energy use.

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Systems installed throughout the UK and Europe


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Dundee City Council

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Bryt Energy Wales

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Connected Energy Norfolk

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Engie Netherlands

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E-STOR is no ordinary battery storage technology.

We optimise E-STOR using our sophisticated operating software and load management services to maximise the potential for effciencies and savings.

Store energy

Store excess energy and release it when you need it.

Draw energy

Draw on stored energy to optimise strategies for energy use.

Use energy

Use stored energy at times of peak demand or when tariffs are high.

The energy landscape has shifted. The debate isn't just about how much energy we use, it's also about when we use it.

Matthew Lumsden

- CEO, Connected Energy