Energy Storage +
Circular Economy

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E-STOR is the energy storage technology with circular economy in its DNA.

Connected Energy uses ‘second life’ electric vehicle (EV) batteries from a variety of manufacturers (OEMs).

Once they have finished their in-vehicle life, we double the lifespan of these EV batteries.

We give your batteries a second life.

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Systems installed throughout the UK and Europe


Total capacity

Dundee City Council

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Bryt Energy Wales

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Engie Netherlands

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JLR Fen End

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E-STOR systems are resource efficient and exceptionally versatile

We optimise your E-STOR system using our powerful operating software and load management services.

Maximise your potential for energy efficiency and financial savings. Confidently boost energy resilience.

Store energy

Store and release when needed, while reducing carbon emissions.

Generate profit

Participate in financial opportunities such as avoiding high peak tariffs.

Reliable resilience

Draw on stored battery energy rather than your local grid supply.

The energy landscape has shifted. The debate isn't just about how much energy we use, it's also about when we use it.

Matthew Lumsden

- CEO, Connected Energy